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  • For Professionals

    If you are a therapist working with couples, I welcome the opportunity to share my knowledge, skills and experience with you to enhance and strengthen your work with the couples in your practice. Supporting the development of other couple therapists is very meaningful to me.

    “I have had the professional pleasure of working with Allison in a consultant capacity for several years during which I have gained enormous insight, education, and wisdom from her own years of experience working with couples as a PACT therapist.” Amy Marcus, PACT Level 2 Therapist

    “Allison Howe is one of the most talented therapists I have known. Her ability to translate complex issues between partners into practical and workable interventions has helped my practice immensely. She challenges and supports me in my growth as a therapist.” Dan Scrafford, PACT Level 2 Therapist

    “Allison Howe is not only a masterful therapist, she is also a wonderful, gifted presenter and teacher. I love co-teaching with her.” Stan Tatkin, Psy.D. MFT, founder of the PACT Institute