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    Therapy for Couples

    When I ask a couple what they are hoping to accomplish in couple therapy, they often will say: communication. Another response is “connection.” In therapy, my role is to support the couple and each partner in clarifying what they want. This conversation focuses on the purpose of the relationship and how each partner sees their role in the relationship. As the couple therapist, my role is to help the couple build a secure relationship. This starts with the foundation and for relationship longevity, the structure needs to be strong. I support the couple in the co-creation of their relationship. In some cases, the couple is seeking a completely new structure. Others seek to enhance and update what they have already established.

    Cooperation and collaboration is required to build a secure relationship. Yet many couples don’t come to the relationship with the necessary skills—but they can be learned. Much can be learned from the moment-by-moment interaction between partners. How do partners approach each other? How do they respond to each other? Even in secure relationships, there is an inherent messiness in human interaction. The messiness isn’t the problem. Instead it is our tendency to not repair or correct the errors we make. Being open to exploring these human tendencies and being willing to explore new, more effective ways of working together is the key to building a secure relationship. I will support you both as you build a secure relationship together. Couples find that the establishment of a secure relationship, is key to their own growth and development.

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