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    As a Certified PACT therapist, I presently live in Virginia and I’m licensed to work with couples living in New York, Maine and Virginia. I’m a registered telehealth provider for couples in Vermont and Florida. I have trained with Dr. Stan Tatkin of the PACT Institute since 2011. Additionally, I’ve assisted founders Stan and Tracey Tatkin in their Wired for Love retreats both in the US and abroad. I’m a faculty instructor for the PACT Institute’s Level 1 training which is available to therapists across the globe.

    PACT is integrated into my professional life as well as my personal life. My husband Russ and I enjoy cycling in our free time. A tandem, of course!

    My Education & Experience

    As a Certified PACT therapist, I work exclusively with couples who are seeking a secure relationship. Relationships are complex for so many reasons, but often not the reasons you think. Together we figure out what gets in the way of you having a relationship that is based on security and true collaboration. I find that many couples lack a solid foundation to build a peaceful, thriving relationship. Without a secure base and solid structure, partners can’t relax and be themselves. A secure relationship both grounds and develops each partner.

    I’m a Master’s level therapist with graduate degrees in Education and Counseling Psychology. As Certified PACT therapist, I’ve been studying the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy developed by Dr. Stan Tatkin since 2011. I’ve fully immersed myself into PACT and it deeply informs my work and my own relationship. I’ve learned so much through my experience of assisting Stan and Tracey Tatkin in PACT trainings and relationship retreats in the US and abroad. I’m also a faculty instructor for the PACT Institute’s Level 1 training for therapists around the world.

    I’m pleased that I’ve supported many couples in the development of their own secure functioning relationship. My therapeutic frame is based on longer sessions (3 hour initial sessions); subsequent sessions are 2 hours. Couples report they feel hopeful after their initial session and we track progress together closely. PACT is ideally suited for couples who truly want to improve their relationship through understanding themselves and their partner in deeper ways.

    Additionally, I love working with other therapists who are seeking to expand and strengthen their skillset when working with the couples in their practice.


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